The Infinity Centre 4Think Brick Australia represents Australia's clay brick and paver manufacturers. We aim to inspire contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.
Think Brick Australia undertakes extensive research, provides technical resources and training to ensure clay brick is recognised as a pre-eminent building material by leading architects, developers, builders and property owners. 

In Australia the brick industry is worth $2.8 billion to the economy and creates employment for 30,000 people nationwide in the manufacturing and installation of its product.
Bricks have been produced in Australia since the arrival of the First Fleet and are intrinsically linked with the great Australian dream of home ownership. After all, property is often referred to as 'bricks and mortar'.

Think Brick Awards

We inspire new thinking in building design and architecture. Each year we run the Think Brick Awards to encourage architects designers and builders to rethink brick, concrete masonry and roof tiles as contemporary and sustainable design materials.

Sustainability Research

We invest in research to ensure brick products and forms of construction lead the debate on sustainability. In partnership with the world-ranked University of Newcastle we are undertaking Australia's most extensive research into the thermal performance of masonry and other materials. The findings of this research will assist Government and the building and construction industry create more energy efficient buildings.

Training and Technical Manuals

Think Brick Australia can offer a wealth of technical resources including technical manuals, case studies, general reference guides and research findings.

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