Winner Aperture House


Cox Rayner + Twofold Studio


Frame Projects


Bowral Bricks

Products Used:

Bowral 50 Bricks in Simmental Silver

Building Contractor:

Elvis and Rose

Photography Credits:

Christopher Frederick Jones

This narrow lot project in inner city Brisbane extends a small worker’s cottage by utilising a roof geometry which is the virtual inverse of the existing gable. The aim was to optimise north and south light penetration while dramatising the new spaces and accentuating their surfaces.

The architecture explores the capacity of brickwork to be modelled inspired by footing walls of the existing cottage, perforated and patterned to create varied depths of field which belie the modest scale of the spaces. The brickwork also forms niches, plinths and floor surfaces that create the effect of the garden terraces folding up into the house. Operable louvres and sliding doors enable this material to open and close spaces in response to climate or to modify spatial scale and atmosphere.

The house is simultaneously an essay in manipulating perspective and in the intimacy of experience generated by craftsmanship, the latter owing much to a bricklaying couple specialising in the art. The architecture equally accentuates the potentials of long, narrow urban sites to be sequenced into richly diverse living experiences.

Bricks Used: Austral Bricks Bowral Bricks Simmental Silver 50mm