Australian Ballet School


MGS Architects


Ireland Brown


Bowral Bricks

Products Used:

Simmental Silver & Murray Grey

Building Contractor:

DT Commercial

Photography Credits:

Rhiannon Slatter

The student residence for the Australian Ballet School is a delicate addition to one of Parkville’s grand old dames. With necessary care and respect, but also characterful playfulness, life and energy, the single storey addition is nestled quietly behind the bold brick and terracotta residence and provides shared living spaces for up to twenty-five ballet students of various ages.

With deliberate allusions to the rearward granny flat, the building is largely concealed from the street, the entry only apparent as a slight splitting of the facade where a piece thereof appears extracted and set aside. The exterior is modest in tone and domestic in nature but highly active with a multitude of pre-formed brick shapes arrayed along the perimeter that was developed through a series of parametric studies and evoke the form and movement of dance: that anecdotal catching of the eye.

"Featuring a delightful array of preformed brick shapes and gracefully referencing the movement of dance, this student residence is simply different."
- Jury 2016 -