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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Think Brick Australia?

Think Brick Australia represents Australia's clay brick and paver manufacturers.
Think Brick Australia undertakes extensive research, provides technical resources and training to ensure clay brick is recognised as a pre-eminent building material by leading architects, developers, builders and property owners.

2. Does Think Brick Australia sell clay bricks and pavers?

Think Brick Australia does not sell clay bricks and pavers. Our members manufacture clay bricks and pavers. Refer to the Selection Centres section for further information.

3. What are the main activities of Think Brick Australia?

We are committed to promoting exemplary building and landscape design using clay brick and pavers.

• We create national campaigns to inspire designers, builders and consumers to use clay brick as a contemporary, versatile and inspiring building material.
• We provide technical support to architects, engineers, builders, developers and property owners.
• We undertake research to improve and promote the usability and environmental credentials of our products and work with government and regulators closely.
• We also set and monitor standards for our members and users of our products.
• We provide resources for the industry and assist with the development of training

4. Who are Think Brick Australia's Members?

Think Brick Australia's key brick and paver manufacturers are:


1. Where is Think Brick Australia's main office located?

Think Brick's main and only office is located in Sydney. Our office address is Suite 7.01, Level 7, 154 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065. Our Location Map and further Contact Information can be found on

2. What is Think Brick Australia's Post Office Box Address?

Think Brick's PO Box is: 275, St Leonards NSW 1590. For further Contact Information please click on

3. What is the best way to contact Think Brick Australia and make an enquiry?

The preferable way to make an enquiry is via email. Please send your enquiry and contact details to or fill in the contact form on
You may also contact us directly via the following number: (+61) 2 8448 5500

1. Where can I buy bricks?

Please refer to our member manufacturer’s websites at question 3: Where can I find a list of the selection centres?

2. Where Can I find Glazed Bricks?

Please refer to question 3 "Where can I find a List of the Selection Centres".

3. Where can I find a List of the Selection Centres?

Information related to the Selection Centres of each of our Member Manufacturers can be found directly on their website. Click on the member's icon on
For your convenience find below the direct links to each Member Manufacturer's website:

Austral Bricks at
Daniel Robertson at
Brikmakers at
Bowral Bricks:
Krause Bricks:
Geraldton Brick:

1. How can I get a Technical Manual?

• You can download a PDF copy from Refer to question 3. How do I download a copy of a Technical Manual/ Paper.
• You can order a hard copy directly from Think Brick Australia. Refer to question 2. How do I order a copy of a Technical Manual/ Paper.

2. How do I order a copy of a Technical Manual/ Paper?

You can order a copy of a Manual/ Paper directly from Think Brick Australia. Email your request, specifying which manual(s) and the respective quantity at We will then send you an Order Form for you to fill in and return to us via email. There is no cost for shipping.

3. How do I download a copy of a Technical Manual/ Paper?

You can download a soft copy of the required manual (in PDF format) from our website by double clicking on the respective manual's icon on the Technical Manuals page

4. Can I use or publish information from Think Brick Australia's website or manuals in my own work?

Yes, providing that the information correctly references Think Brick Australia and the relevant manual.

1. I have a Technical Enquiry on Bricks, related to the private or commercial domain (associated but not limited to one of the following):

• Damaged brick work and any remedies;
• Specifications of how Block Work relates to other materials;
• Guidance on the use of tension-bar lintels;
• Fire resistance levels for Dry Pressed clay;
• Brick Specifications and Standards;
• Brick Oxidation;
• Mortar types;
• Recycled/Re-used Bricks;
• Brick Sample testing;

Questions which cannot be answered by seeking through our Technical Centre, including our Technical information Manuals, or if people want to directly speak to someone: please refer to Think Brick's Technical team at the technical helpline 1300 667 617.

2. What stains they are on my brickwork? How should I clean them and where can I find brick cleaners?

TBA manual 13 – Clay Masonry Cleaning Manual provides detailed information about how to identify stains on brickworks and correspondingly cleaning methods. You can download a soft copy (in a PDF format) from our website by clicking on here.
A list of Accredited Brick Cleaners is available on Please click on the respective Zone of interest.

3. Where can the cleaning product 'NoSkum' be purchased?

Please email us or call our technical helpline 1300 667 617 for retailer information.

4. How to figure out Fire Resistance Level (FRL) for my clay masonry design?

TBA manual 5 - Design of Clay Masonry Walls for Fire Resistance provides detailed information about fire resistance period (FRP) for integrity, insulation, and structural adequacy. The FRP for insulation depends on material thickness regarding Table 3 of manual 5. The FRP for integrity from tabulated values is the lesser of the FRP for structural adequacy and the FRP for insulation. The FRP for structural adequacy is indicated at the point where the wall height and length intersect on Chart 1 to Chart 18. You can download a soft copy (in a PDF format) from our website by clicking on here

5. Do you know any companies which can do brick, block, and mortar testing?

The following table gives contact information of three companies which are able to do building material testing. We also suggest it is better to find a supervisor to do site inspection first to see if the test is necessary. 





Contact Number



Sharp and Howells

Mortar and concrete testing

(03) 9850 9722


Brick & Mortar Research Laboratory

Brick, block and mortar testing

(03) 9369 8018



Mortar checking

(02) 8005 4766

6. Where can I find sound insulation requirements for my house brick walls?

The sound insulation provisions are contained in Part F5 of Volume 1 and Parts 2.4 and 3.8.6 of Volume 2 of Building Code of Australia and apply to residential buildings. Compliance with the BCA’s performance requirements can be achieved by meeting the deemed-to-satisfy provisions introduced in BCA or formulating an alternative solution to the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions. For more information, please refer to Think Brick Manual 11- Design of Clay Masonry for Sound Insulation. You can download a soft copy (in a PDF format) from our website by clicking on here.

7. Brick sizes are varied. Are there any requirements regarding brick dimensions and tolerances in Australian Standards?

Masonry units are divided into five categories: DW0, DW1, DW2, DW3 and DW4 (see Section 2.2.3, AS/NZS 4455.1), where DW stands for dimensional deviations for walling units. The relevant tolerances for each of these categories are listed in Table 2.1 of AS/NZS 4455 Part 1. For more information, please refer to Think Brick’s Technical team.

8. I am doing an extension on my older home and I need to know what brick to use to match the existing brickwork. Who provides a brick-matching service?

Always take a photo to your nearest member display centre. Click here to see our members' information.

9. What sealant is appropriate for use on a brick wall in a bathroom?

The best products are breathable penetrating sealants. An example of such a product is Dry Treat ( They can be contacted to determine the best product in their range.
Note: Bricks would not be a suitable material to use in a shower recess as there in no guarantee that they will be waterproof.

1. How can I learn more about the Think Brick Awards?

To learn more on each Award category and winners of the past Think Brick Awards please visit

2. What is the dress code for the Awards night?

Black tie, dark suit, for men - cocktail dress for women all suitable..

3. Is there a Roof Tile Excellence Award 2016?

In assessing the quality, diversity and number of projects entered into the Roof Tile Excellence Award of the 2016 Think Brick Awards, the jury decided to consider these entries for the Robin Dods Terracotta Roof Award. This reflects the significant overlap of the entries across the two Roof Tile categories. This year excellence in the use of roof tiles by Australian architects is celebrated through the five finalists for the Robin Dods award. The winning project is the Elias House by Melbourne-based Harmer Architecture, an urban courtyard home that speaks of the traditions and possibilities of both clay and terracotta roof tiles.

1. Who runs the Brick Cleaning Course?

Think Brick Australia runs the Brick Cleaning Course in conjunction with TABMA Training. For further details on the Brick Cleaning Course please click on
Also refer to the Clay Masonry Cleaning Manual downloadable at

2. What is the duration and content of the Brick Cleaning Course?

The Brick Cleaning Course is held from 8.30 am to 4:00 pm and runs over 2 consecutive days or with an option to chose a short course which will run for 3 hours. It has both theoretical and practical components and covers general cleaning and correct identification and removal of all common brickwork stains. Those who require to become accredited brick cleaners must complete the full course over two days. The shorter course is ideal for attendees who are only interested in gaining an insight into the brick cleaning process.

This course has been designed to reflect the packaging requirements for CPC10111 Certificate I in Construction within the Construction, Plumbing and Services Integrated Framework Training Package (CPC08). This has replaced the previous Construction I qualification  (CPC10108) which is still valid for accreditation. 11 units of competency are required for award of this qualification (8 compulsory units and 3 elective units). 

A maximum of one of the three required elective units below may be substituted by selecting a relevant unit of competency from any Certificate I or II construction qualification or qualification in another endorsed Training Package.

Compulsory Units:
CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies & procedures in the construction industry
CPCCCM1012A Work effectively & sustainably in the Construction Industry
CPCCCM2001A Read and interpret plans and specifications
CPCCCM2005B Use construction tools and equipment
CPCCCM1014A Conduct workplace communication
CPCCCM1013A Plan and organise work
CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction Industry
CPCCVE1011A Undertake a basic construction project

Elective Units:
CPCCCM1011A Undertake basic estimating and costing
CPCCCM2004A Handle construction materials
CPCCPD3029A Remove graffiti and apply protective coatings

Please note that if you have done one of the subjects above you could qualify for Recognition of prior learning. Please speak to your teacher on the day regarding this.


3. Do Brick Cleaners have to attend the Brick Cleaning Course to achieve Industry Accreditation?

Brick cleaners wanting to achieve accreditation in NSW are required to pass a basic classroom/workshop component of the course, followed by an on-site assessment that will need to be done in order to obtain the Certificate I in Construction. This will be organised during the course with your teacher. Brick cleaners will need to make sure that they have a site that they can have your assessment done or it can be done onsite. Brick cleaners nationally are able to achieve industry accreditation by successfully completing the new course.

4. Where and when are the Brick Cleaning Courses run?

The Brick Cleaning Courses will be run at the following venues:




75 Townson Road, Schofields, NSW 2752


105 Gardner Road, Rochedale, Qld 4123


Brick Makers Drive, Wollert, VIC 3750


201 Greenwith Rd, Golden Grove, SA 5125


260 Kalamunda Road, South Guildford, WA 6055


5. What is the cost to attend the Brick Cleaning Course?

The total cost for the following Brick Cleaning Courses are as follows :

  • Accredited Course - $850 (GST free)
  • RPL portfolio (Applies only in NSW) - an additional $350 (GST free) on top of the accredited course.
  • Short Course - $385 (Inclusive of GST)
6. How do I register for the Brick Cleaning course?

To register to one of our Brick Cleaning Course sessions please indicate your interest by filling out the form on the Brick Cleaning page Once we have received all your details, Think Brick will send an invoice to confirm your place at the course.
Please note that a minimum of 10 people needed for the course to run and a maximum of 20 people in each course. Think Brick reserves the right to cancel a course at any time.

You will need to provide your National White Card (previously Green/White card) Work Safely in the Construction Industry [CPCCOHS1001A] at the beginning of the course on Day 1 as this is a prerequisite for this course. 

Applicants doing the full course over 2 days must have a minimum of twelve (12) months’ work experience in the Brick Cleaning industry.

A portfolio of evidence must be submitted including employment history.

You must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Visit 

7. Where can I find Accredited Brick Cleaners?

Brick cleaners who achieve accreditation will be listed on Think Brick's website. A list of NSW Accredited Brick Cleaners is available on

Brick cleaners in other states will be listed once they become accredited. 

8. Will accredited Brick Cleaners have their work warranted by brick manufacturers?

Brick manufacturers who are current members of Think Brick Australia will provide a warranty in relation to brick cleaning performed by accredited brick cleaners on the following conditions:
1) The party with the warranty issue should not contact either Think Brick Australia or the brick manufacturer unless the relevant cleaner has been given an opportunity to rectify the problem;
2) Only current members of Think Brick Australia warrant the work by an accredited cleaner for bricks and only in respect to bricks manufactured by that member.
3) The warranty claim procedure set out herewith must be followed.

• Initial negotiations should take place between the party and the brick cleaner with a view to rectifying the problem.
• The brick cleaner is expected to rectify the problem at his own expense.
• Should this fail, the party may contact the relevant Think Brick Australia brick manufacturer member.
• The brick manufacturer will then assess the problem and if possible negotiate a settlement.
• If agreement cannot be reached, an expert consultant will be called in to advise options and recommendations for repair before payment of any cost to rectify can be considered.

4) The amount to be paid for rectification will be decided by the manufacturer at their discretion but will be limited to a maximum of $5,000 per job and only after every effort has been made to recoup the cost of rectification from the brick cleaner.
5) Any rectification costs will only be paid after the expert consultant considers that all options for remedial work have failed.
6) No compensation will be considered by any brick manufacturer member of Think Brick Australia.
7) The terms and conditions of this warranty may be varied from time to time and the terms and conditions at the date of any claim are the ones that apply.
8) Brick manufacturers reserve the right to cancel the warranty and liability at any time in the future without prior notification.
9) This warranty is not offered by Think Brick Australia, but by its member brick manufacturer and Think Brick Australia will not accept any liability whatsoever under this liability.
10) If the work is carried out by a non-accredited cleaner, rectification costs will be borne by the builder and the brick cleaner.


Please visit “Brick Cleaning Warranty” at for the list of terms and conditions.

9. How do builders in New South Wales get their work warranted?

Builders who use accredited brick cleaners from Think Brick Australia's website list will have their work warranted by the manufacturer whose bricks were cleaned.

1. Does Think Brick train bricklayers?

No, the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF) is in charge of organising training for bricklayers. Please call 1300 66 44 96.

2. Who are the ABBTF?

The ABBTF is the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation. They are a body who manage and promote the brick/blocklaying industry to address the issue of the skills shortage in this area.

3. Is the Brick Masterclass still run by Think Brick Australia?


1. I am seeking for information regarding the options for a foreign bricklayer coming into Australia.

For bricklayers coming into the country there are several options:

1) 457 Visa Business Long Stay

• Must be sponsored by an employer prior to application (Offer of an employment)
• Must have relevant skills for the occupation (grey area)
• Trade must be on the Australian Skills Occupation List (e.g. Bricklaying)
• Meet Australian English requirements

2) General Skilled Migration Permanent (various visas)

• Must be under 45
• Have a trade skill for the occupation (Evidence and or documentation required)
• Trade must be on Australian Skills Occupation List 
• Can be sponsored by the state you are immigrating to.

3) Student visa (572)

• Undertake and complete Australian trade qualification training and work experience in Aus.
• Equivalent to CPC30108 Brick and Block laying Certificate 3.
• Additional Graduate Visa required once completed (18 month job ready program)
• General Skilled Migration visa status

For further information refer to the Australian immigration website

2. Who do I contact regarding Concrete aggregate bricks? What is the procedure for installation or maintenance?

Think Brick Australia works with Clay Brick and Pavers, not with concrete. Please call the CMAA (Concrete Masonry Association of Australia) on 02 8448 5500.

1. What is Foundations?

Foundation is a platform designed to provide all Think Brick's members with an engaging and interactive learning experience about Brick. This is only usable if you are a sales representative of our members. Please do not register if you are a member of the public.

2. How do I access it?

You can access the platform via our website or directly clicking on

1. Who manages Think Brick Australia's Media bookings and buying's?

Think Brick manages our own media bookings and buyings.

2. Who is managing Think Brick Australia's PR?

Think Brick manages our own public relations.

1. Can I download Facing Design Magazine from Think Brick's website?

No. Facing Design Magazine is not available in a soft copy format. You can order a copy of the magazine directly from Think Brick Australia. Email your request at, including your contact details.